Don't Let Credit Problems Destroy Your Life...protect yourself with help from your Brantford bankruptcy trustee.

Help with Bankruptcy in Brantford

Take control of your life and start on the road to financial recovery with J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. If you are overwhelmed by increasing credit card debt and harassing phone calls, turn to our experienced, compassionate team. We are here to help with receivership, proposals and bankruptcy in Brantford.

Brantford’s Only Full-Time Bankruptcy Trustee
J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd is Brantford’s only full-time bankruptcy trustee for both individuals and businesses. We will draw upon our decades of experience to find personalized solutions that will guide you through this difficult time. Don’t let your credit problems destroy your life.

Explore Your Options in Our Free, Initial Consultation
Declaring personal or corporate bankruptcy may not be the answer. You might be able to keep your assets and avoid bankruptcy with a consumer proposal. Take advantage of our free, initial consultation to learn about alternatives to bankruptcy with Brantford's full-time bankruptcy trustees at J. P. Grace & Associates.

When financial distress has become too much for you to bear, talk to J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd.