Consumer Proposal

Consumer Proposal in Brantford


Keep Your Assets with a Consumer Proposal in Brantford

Keep your assets and avoid personal bankruptcy with a consumer proposal in Brantford administered by J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. If you are insolvent and owe less than $250,000, excluding the mortgage of your principal residence, you are eligible for a consumer proposal. 

Lower Your Payments or Reduce the Amount You Owe

A consumer proposal is a legal agreement made to modify your obligation to your creditors. Your arrangement might be to pay a lower monthly amount over a longer period of time or to reduce the total amount you owe. J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. has the experience to find an arrangement that works best for you.

Stop Legal Action against You

Once the proposal is accepted, your creditors can no longer take legal steps against you to recover debt. A consumer proposal will impact your credit to a lesser degree than a personal bankruptcy

How to File for a Consumer Proposal:

- Schedule your consultation with the experienced team at J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd -

- Discuss the details of your situation -

- Our administrator will then file a repayment proposal and provide information to the creditors -

- Creditors will then vote on the proposal and either accept it, reject it or propose an amendment -


 Keep in mind that it only takes 50% of your creditors to accept the proposal for it to be approved at a meeting of creditors. 

If you are interested in learning more on how to file a consumer proposal in Brantford, contact us today for more information.

 We invite you to use the valuable resources supplied by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada.






What Our Clients Say?

Thank you so much for everything you and your staff have done to help me through this difficult time in my life. Thank you to Patricia for her smile and pleasant greeting when I came in the front and to Sandra, Sabrina, Norma and Kayla for all their smiles and hellos as I walked toward your office. Thank you for allowing me to keep my dignity and for always treating me with respect. You have a very special staff with very special gifts. I will always remember your kindness.

Lisa, Brantford May 28, 2017

It means so much that I had support and an ear and guidance when I needed it the most.

S.F. August 28, 2015

This service is amazing! The team at JP Graci helped me with the stressful decision of going through a negotiation an understandable and simple process. From the explanation to instructing me on the required steps needed to be taken it was all done with non-judgement. The staff is personable and good humoured which made it comfortable.

James K. July 25, 2017


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