Personal Bankruptcy

J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. helps to get your life back on track

Get Your Life Back on Track - Consider Filing for Personal Bankruptcy

If you are overwhelmed in a financial crisis and not sure where to turn, let the professionals at J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. help get your life back on track. During your free initial consultation, we can explore your options and determine if filing for personal bankruptcy is right for you. Keep in mind that you might qualify for a consumer proposal.

Are you overwhelmed by debt? We Can Help

Does your debt exceed the value of your assets? Are you no longer able to pay your debts on time? Do you owe over $1,000? If you answer yes to these questions, declaring personal bankruptcy might be the best option. J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. will handle all the paperwork and determine a payment schedule that works for your unique situation.

You Will Not Lose Everything

Many of our clients fear that they will lose everything. This isn’t the case. In many situations you will be able to keep your house and car as long as you can continue to make payments. You can also keep Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), household possessions, personal items and equipment you need for work. Read our FAQ for more information.


Discharge from Your Debt in as Little as 9 Months

If you are filing for the first time, you can receive an automatic discharge in as little as 9 months and be legally released from your debts. If you have surplus income, which is determined by government standards, you will be required to pay a portion of this to your trustee during the bankruptcy. With surplus income, you are eligible for an automatic discharge after 21 months.

Our team wants you to be aware that not all debts can be discharged by filing for personal bankruptcy. These include:

- Alimony, child or spousal support -

- Student loans less than 7 years old -

- Court fines or penalties -


Amount You Pay is Unique to Your Situation

During the bankruptcy process you no longer have to deal with creditors on your own. You can leave that up to the team at J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. The amount you pay to complete your bankruptcy depends on your unique situation. We will walk you through the process in a completely confidential manner and help you find ways to rebuild your credit.

Please let us know if you have questions. We invite you to use the valuable resources supplied by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada.





What Our Clients Say?

Thank you, you made my job so much easier.

F.V. April 25, 2015

Thank you Paul and Norma for helping in a very difficult time in my life.

E.C. July 28, 2016

The staff were lovely and incredibly helpful. They were empathetic with my stress from the bankruptcy. They also gave great advice on my credit recovery. Thanks especially to Paul for his service and counsel throughout the process which was quite tremendous.

Frank S. July 25, 2017


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