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"The team at JP Graci has always been very helpful, having this company help me get out of massive credit card debt has made my life so much better! All I know is that its very easy to get into debt when you are not careful. Thank goodness that there are places like this out there to help people like me. I appreciate all your help and support while helping me with a solution to improve my financial situation."

- Fred L.


"JP Graci and Associates is a wonderful organization. All staff members that I spoke with were very professional and friendly. Everyone was very motivated to help me and they worked very hard to deal with all my debt issues. I asked a lot of questions and their responses were quick and complete. I would recommend their services to anyone without any hesitation. I would like to personally thank Mr. Paul Graci and everyone else involved for all your help."

- Tony M


"When I called JP Graci and Associates, I was completely devastated. I was living in financial chaos and I was barely able to make the ends meet. Desperate, I started to borrowing money from Payday loan companies and family members. I decided to call for a free consultation. I found that the staff was very friendly and actually wanted to help me out of my situation. I took their advice and went ahead with a consumer proposal. I feel better that I can make one low monthly payment for my debts. Thank you Paul Graci and your team for all your support"

- George M


"I had the best experience with Paul and his team. They made the process so easy for me. They maintained a great communication with me and they were always there to answer my questions. I would highly suggest JP Graci to everyone!"

- Tara Y.


"Everyone is great, knowledgeable and friendly. The staff does their best to make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend JP Graci and Associates. I live in Brantford and it is really close to the office. Thank you, Paul and everyone for your help and professionalism"

- Katrina S.


"Very informative and sensitive to my situation"

- Sam, Brantford


"While I knew Id made the right decision and entrusted my bankruptcy to the right people, what I did not anticipate was the level of support and compassion I would receive and how empowered I would feel through taking charge of my personal finances."

- B.N., Brantford


"This service is amazing! The team at JP Graci helped me with the stressful decision of going through a negotiation an understandable and simple process. From the explanation to instructing me on the required steps needed to be taken it was all done with non-judgement. The staff is personable and good humoured which made it comfortable."

- James K.


"The staff were lovely and incredibly helpful. They were empathetic with my stress from the bankruptcy. They also gave great advice on my credit recovery. Thanks especially to Paul for his service and counsel throughout the process which was quite tremendous."

- Frank S.


"I am very happy with J.P. Graci & Associates. They went over and beyond to help me. Thanks a million"

- Anne L.

Staff Response:


"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. These months of lessons will serve me for the rest of my life and I will never be able to fully express how grateful I am for this new beginning!"

- K.J., Cambridge


"Thanks again Sabrina, I can't say enough how much I appreciate everything you, Paul and company have done for me. It's overwhelming sometimes to think that someone still has their dignity even once they've had to declare bankruptcy. It is 100% owing to each of you that I can still keep my head up and feel a sense of hope rather than shame. Thank you!!"

- T.K.


"HI Paul. Once very long ago my husband used your services, thank you ... you helped him get his life back on track. I work with mortgages. At times I help my client settle with creditors to get them back on track. I've referred a couple to your office just this week. Thank you for helping them."

- S.B., Brantford


"My decision to declare personal bankruptcy was a very stressful one. I wanted the end result to teach me about money and how to become a better money management. The team at JP Graci was encouraging and supportive. I highly recommend them."

- Mike D.


"Thank you so much for everything you and your staff have done to help me through this difficult time in my life. Thank you to Patricia for her smile and pleasant greeting when I came in the front and to Sandra, Sabrina, Norma and Kayla for all their smiles and hellos as I walked toward your office. Thank you for allowing me to keep my dignity and for always treating me with respect. You have a very special staff with very special gifts. I will always remember your kindness."

- Lisa, Brantford


"I am so impressed with the support and customer service from the team at J.P. Graci and Associates. Thank you for the wonderful service!"

- Sam R.


"WOW! These guys are amazing and I highly recommend their services if you want to change your life for the better."

- Stephen M.


"You guys are the best. I refer you to anyone I know who needs help. Thanks again"

- Dave W.


"Thank you Paul and Norma for helping in a very difficult time in my life."

- E.C.


"Thank you, Paul for helping get my life back on track."

- J.S., Brantford


"I just wanted to express my own and my familys gratitude for everything you did to help us out"

- N.N.


"It means so much that I had support and an ear and guidance when I needed it the most."

- S.F.


"Thank you, you made my job so much easier."

- F.V.



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